Less Daylight Means More Reasons to Wear High-Visibility Workwear

Less Daylight Means More Reasons to Wear High-Visibility Workwear

October 21, 2022

Why High-Visibility Garments Are More Important Now Than Ever

With the arrival of fall comes shorter days and longer nights. It also brings more hazards for those working in transportation, construction, on the docks, and more. When visibility decreases, reflective, high-visibility garments become even more important because they can be the difference between an injury or worse and going home to your family. 

Picture this: you’re working overtime on a roadside crew in the city and it’s rush hour. Cars are bumper to bumper, trying to switch lanes, and gunning it when they can, just to get a few cars ahead. In this situation, you want to ensure that you’re noticed by these drivers and that means wearing the right reflective, high-visibility garments. This wasn’t an issue during the long summer days, but now that darkness arrives much earlier, it could be a serious issue. 

The Quality Workwear You Need

Our garments are designed to exacting standards to keep you safe on the job. Not only is the fluorescent color eye-catching, but the reflective tape is specifically incorporated to stand out against both daytime and lowlight conditions. So, whether it’s dawn, dusk, or midnight, Kishigo has garments that can help keep you safe. Once you know what ANSI Type and Class you need, you can search for the right garment. Not sure what Type and Class you need? Talk to your worksite manager. 

Premium Brilliant Series

For the ultimate in visibility, we created the Premium Brilliant Series. Every piece was meticulously crafted to ensure that you’re seen, regardless of the conditions. Along with high-quality materials, our unique reflective trim enhances low light visibility and provides instant differentiation between you and the work zone. 

Garment Check

This time of year is also a great reminder to examine your high-visibility garments to make sure that they’re still performing at their best. Has any of background material faded? Is any of the tape cracked or peeling? If the answer is yes, you’ll want to replace it. Trying to extend the life of a garment isn’t worth a potential injury or even death. Read more information on when to replace your high-visibility garments here.