Day or night, rain or shine, high visibility workwear can help keep you safe on the job. Whether you work in construction, a warehouse, or have a job that exposes you to public traffic, work vehicles, and construction equipment, high visibility safety apparel (HVSA) can be both a requirement and a way to stay safe. That’s why it’s important to understand the difference in HVSA and the regulations around it.
HVSA refers to clothing that’s been crafted specifically to improve the visibility between the wearer and the work zone in daytime, nighttime, and other low-light conditions. The HVSA types are determined by the wearer’s work environment while the performance classes provide a range of design options that address the needs of the wearer.
To select the right workwear for your needs, employers should designate a trained person to conduct a basic hazard assessment, based on the expected threat environment, work activities, competing hazards, job classification and use policies.
Construction Industry Apparel
According to the FHWA website, the ATSSA High Visibility Pocket Guide, calls out the typical factors or characteristics necessary for worker safety:

ANSI Class 2

ANSI Class 3


Examples of Work Activities Requiring a Minimum of Performance Class 2 Apparel    
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Road signage installation
  • Surveying
  • Utility operations
Examples of Work Activities Requiring a Minimum of Performance Class 3 Apparel          
  • Flagging operations
  • Temporary traffic control setup and removal
  • Positive protection setup and removal
  • Construction
  • Emergency utility crews dispatched at night
For more in-depth, 360 information about worker safety, please see: FHWA Website
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