Construction is hard work and you need the right apparel to help get you safely through the day. Kishigo uses high-quality materials and superior workmanship to make sure it can withstand the wear and tear, day after day. Features like reinforced pockets and durable high wear areas come standard. And when you choose an item from our Premium Black Series, you’ll not only look good, you’ll have the high visibility you need, along with black accents that hide the dirt. If you need job differentiation on site, our Enhanced Visibility Series offers the same high-quality apparel in a range of colors to help identify various roles at a glance.
Important factors to consider when choosing ANSI + Non-ANSI compliant HiVis workwear:

Low Traffic Work Zones

Warehouse workers aren't always operating near forklifts, so consideration needs to be taken for when they are on foot in a low traffic work zone. Offering color coded workforce vests may be the way to go. These vests can be Non-ANSI compliant

High traffic Work zones

If you have a large fleet of forklifts and other work equipment moving quickly through your warehouse, where employees are focused on their tasks and not the traffic, those employees should consider an ANSI Class 2 compliant vest.

Loading Dock Work zones

If the lighting conditions on your dock or in your warehouse are closer to night conditions than daylight, ANSI Class 3 compliant garments might be best for those employees.
Customers who believe in keeping their associates safe and seen, believe in Kishigo.
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