How to Participate in Construction Safety Week 2022

How to Participate in Construction Safety Week 2022

May 2, 2022

Come together May 2-6, 2022 to create safer and more united workplaces as a part of Construction Safety Week. 

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries to work in. Each May, Construction Safety Week calls attention to the dangers construction workers face, and promotes efforts to make the industry safer, healthier, and stronger.

What is Construction Safety Week? 

Construction Safety Week was started in 2014, when more than 40 construction firms internationally came together to increase awareness of the importance of construction industry safety, and encourage everyone in the industry to create safer workplaces.

Now, the week-long event is held annually, and continues to work towards its original goals of creating a stronger and safer industry by bringing Safety Week members, sponsors, and advocates together.

This year’s theme is “Connected. Supported. Safe.”, calling attention to the ways a connected construction industry is a safer construction industry. The campaign will take place May 2-6, 2022, and will focus on improving construction industry safety through bettering workers’ mental and physical health, creating safer working conditions, and building connections across the industry.

Why is Construction Safety Week Important? 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 7 million Americans work in the construction industry. The industry is responsible for constructing, maintaining, and repairing the roadways, buildings, and utility systems the country relies on each and every day.

However, the construction sector is also one of the most dangerous industries for workers.

Construction Safety Week works to create safer workplaces by creating awareness and calling attention to all facets of construction industry safety, both visible and invisible. In 2022, the event emphasizes the need for a united and supportive workplace, that looks out for the mental and emotional wellbeing of others, in addition to their physical health and safety.

How To Get Involved 

Construction Safety Week 2022 is all about bringing workers together to create a safer and stronger industry, and workers from every role are encouraged to join.

Several events will be held by the Safety Week executive team, including safety demonstrations, a nutrition and wellness educational session, and a short film screening.

The campaign also encourages workers across the nation to celebrate and encourage safety where they work by hosting their own Safety Week events. Visit the Construction Safety Week website for all of the tools and resources needed to plan your own Safety Week events, as well as tips, advice, and best practices for making them a success.

Staying Safe, Every Week 

Creating a safer construction industry starts with the events of Construction Safety Week, but extends beyond the first week of May.

Construction workers can improve their safety, as well as the safety of those around them, throughout the year by taking care of their physical and mental health, following safety guidelines, and wearing the proper gear and High-Visibility Safety Apparel for the jobs they are completing.

As a High-Visibility Safety Apparel company, Kishigo works hard to keep construction workers safe by making sure they have the gear they need to stay seen on site. And as garments can lose their visibility in both day and night conditions as they age, we also offer Garment Inspection Cards to help construction workers ensure their workwear is still highly visible.

Even seemingly small or simple actions, such as checking in with a team member who is struggling or checking that everyone is wearing the proper workwear, can go a long way in keeping everyone in the construction industry united in safety.

Join Construction Safety Week May 2-6 to learn more about making the construction industry healthier, safer, and stronger.