How Kishigo is Helping Beat Heat Stress with Their New Products

How Kishigo is Helping Beat Heat Stress with Their New Products

April 6, 2023

Spring is here and that means a whole new range of products as we look ahead to warmer months. As we’ve mentioned before, there’s a lot that goes into creating a new garment—it’s not just design and material, it’s creating it with purpose. And for these garments, our goal was creating workwear that could help reduce heat stress.

Behold this line of first-to-market Class 2 and 3 T-shirts that’s crafted using specialized cooling fabric and flexible, stretchy tape for maximum comfort. From the moment you pick one up, you’ll feel how it’s cool to the touch. And when you put it on, you’ll experience its quick-dry, wicking properties that ensures that sweat and heat dissipates faster. In fact, our new Cool Touch T-Shirts have a Q-Max rating that’s 43% higher than most of our competitors.

9173 - Cool Touch Short Sleeve T-Shirt, Class 2

9175 - Cool Touch Short Sleeve T-Shirt, Class 3

9177 - Cool Touch Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Class 3

Now what if you need Class 3 protection AND you’re working near fast-moving vehicles? We’ve got you covered there too. Our Class 3 Contrast T-Shirts are designed to set you apart from the work zone with added contrast in orange and black. And to keep you cool, each panel is sewn in line with the fabric so that it’s only one layer. Plus, we’ve incorporated breathable segmented tape, mesh, and micro mesh so this lightweight polyester shirt for all-day comfort.  

9179 - Contrast Short Sleeve T-Shirt, Class 3

9181 - Contrast Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Class 3

Finally, we want to help all workers stay safe on site and that means designing women-specific workwear. It’s not enough to offer small sizes, women deserve and need tailored options. Our new Class 3 Women’s Vest is designed with a smaller frame in mind, so women don’t have to risk excess material getting caught on machinery. Plus, the vests are made from Ultra-Cool™ mesh to help keep the wearer cooler.

1822 - Women's Heavy Duty Vest, Class 3

Remember, heat stress is preventable and one of the major contributors is the weight of your clothing, so ensure you’re wearing the right garments for the job. Many factors increase your risk such as: high temperatures, direct sun exposure without shade, heavyweight clothing, and even things like some medications and advanced age. You can learn more about heat stress on our post: How to Prevent Heat Stress in the Workplace.